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Characteristics and treating of Bengal cats

Personal characteristics

Thanks to careful breeding, Bengal cats are very intelligent, devoted to their owners, and extremely human-centered. Bengal cats need lots of attention and affection and they are active, energetic, interested in everything and are endlessly playful. They are a little bit willful and sometimes capricious but also patient and obedient if needed.
Bengal cats love water and they search for it everywhere, the tap, shower and the bathtub also interests them. They often dip their paws in any kind of water they find in the house.
Bengal cats are very chatty; they accompany every activity with loud meowing and always answer if people speak to them.
They are especially sociable but rather shy among strangers. However, this kind can adapt well to other animals.
The special personality of Bengal cats can win people's heart very fast.



The diet of Bengal cats is almost similar to other cats, however they need slightly higher protein diet, so they should get a high quality dry food and more meet.
They can't drink milk, only without lactose, because they can't digest the milksugar. Thely can't eat fish (except in canned cat food), because the Bengal is a voracious cat. Nothing cats or dogs mustn't get pork meet nor cooked, nor baked, it's dangerous so much, because they can be lethal from it under 1-2 days, if they catch Aujeszky-disease (pseudorabies) from the high prevalence herpes virus in pork meet, but the peoples are immune to it.
Pet shops sell cat grass, which can cure our cat's digestive problems and help them vomit up the ingested hairballs they swallow while grooming.
We feed with top quality Royal Canin food and Schsesir real meet wet food and home made boiled meets without spices, so we also advice this foods for the kittens feeding in future!
The young kittens under 4 month old have to get only Royal Canin Babycat, the kittens under 12 mounth get Royal Canin Kitten dry and wet food, and after the adult cats eat Royal Canin Exigent 42 dry food.
The neutered or spayed cats should get a special food for exactly sterilised cats, like a Royal Canin Sterilised 37 or Royal canin Veretinary Diet Urinary S/O dry and wet food, that reduce the chance to develop anything kidney or urinary tract disease.
Additionally, you can optionally feed the cats daily 1-2 times initially with Kitten, and after adult Schesir wet can food.


The coat of a Bengal cat can be easily kept clean as you may only comb it once a week. Sometimes you can bath them only with cat shampoo, if their coat has been dirty or smelly from anything, or clean their coat with a wet sponge, then with a dry towel and comb it or polish it with deerskin shawl.
Cat claws can be cut with conventional nail-clippers and it is advisable to start it at an early age to adjust the cat to this procedure.


Bengal cats are indoor animals, keep them inside the house!
Bengal cat is very active and playful breed. They like to climb, jump onto things, run around so we advise to buy accessories to them, such as cat furnitures, that they can climb on and use to sharpen their claws, and a lot of other toys (balls, mice and wand with feather), that they can occupy themselves when they are alone.
They need lots of attention and company so it is important to spend a lot of time with them or provide a playmate to them.


It is also very important to be careful if a cat moves into the house.
Poisonous plants should not be kept at home or you must pay extra attention to your cat. Dangerous plants are the following: rhododendron, cyclamen, dieffenbachia, dracaena, fichus, philodendrons, croton, euphorbia, orchids, azaleas and yucca.
Be careful with springtime flowers like forsythia, convallaria majalis, galanthus, jacinth, zantedeschia, lily, tulip, daffodil, anemone, peony, roses. Some plants dangerous to our pets often live in our winter garden or patio, like oleander and geranium.
You should also be careful while opening hopper windows as cats may sneak out or even get caught in the window.
It is also important to turn down the toilet cover because the young kittens may fall and jam in, so they may drown in, and the adult cats reached into it, as they are interested in water.


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