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About us

The first and most important thing about us is that we raise and treat our kittens with loving care and give them everything they need.
We have taken note of the Bengal cat kind in a Catmania Cat Exhibition in 2008. We were immediately enchanted by its exotic look and by the mystery of its eyes - as if it would be the mirror of wilderness. We soon decided to buy one from this beauty for ourselves.
We bought our first cat in February 2009 from a Hungarian Aristo Cats cattery. She is a beautiful tricolor marble patterned female cat and she got the name Sheena after a TV series, where Sheena was the queen of the jungle.
After this, our life radically changed as a new family member arrived to our home. We only got to know the wonderful personality of Bengal cats after this and became enchanted by their world.
After a few months, Sheena needed a partner but we had doubts about Hungarian breeding opportunities mostly because of the close family relations between cats. This is the firts time, when we really thought about breeding Bengal cats.
Each of our cats live with us as a member of our family, so their breeding is within a cosy and familiar atmosphere.
The cats that are too old for breeding remain within us neutered or spayed, and they never get sold.
We also raise our future kittens within a loving home and giving lots of attention and affection to them. We take care of their early socialization to create strong relationship between cats and humans before they get to their new homes.
We can't always fulfill the needs of those people interested in raising bengal cats because our cattery is not too big.
Our goal is to give more friendly, healthy and playful kittens to new cat owners.
We are a closed cattery, so we couldn't accept the mateing requests with our studs, sorry.
All of cats in our cattery have got FCoV, FIV, FeLV, Gardia and PKDef, PKD, HCM negative test.
For our greatest pleasure we are regular participants of cat exhibitions and contests organized by the Hungarian Catmania Cat Society (Magyar Macsakamánia Macska Egyesület - MMME) in Lurdy House.
Besides the love of and the breeding of bengal cats, we sell a wide choice in colour and type of cat furniture, like cat beds and scrapers in order to satisfy our activity.